Ingrown Toenail Pain:

Hands On Pain Relief after Ingrown Toenail Surgery

by Chet Day

For most of his teen years, my youngest son Chris had a periodic problem with ingrown nails on both big toes, and in the summer of 2005 we took him to a doctor, who promised to fix the problem with some minor ingrown toenail surgery on both great toes.

Chris was happy to have this done, but he woke me up at 4:30 a.m. the morning after the surgery.

He was in intense pain.

Like my tough-as-steel wife, Chris has a high pain tolerance, so I knew he was hurting if he was complaining about it.

Being a true Health & Beyond trooper, however, he didn't want to take the pain pills the doctor had prescribed.

I complimented him on his decision and said, "Let's try the Gentle Touch first. If that doesn't give you some relief, you can always pop a pain killer."

He agreed, and I started using my late friend Paul Newcomb's Gentle Touch pain relief method on Chris's right big toe, which didn't hurt as much as the left.

It took about three minutes, but at the end of that period, in Chris's words, "Ahhh, much better."

I smiled in wonder that such a simple and wholly natural method could be so effective for pain like this and then turned my attention to his other toe.

Without going into all the details, Chris was 100% pain-free in both toes within ten minutes, and I went back to bed, once again blown away by the human body's natural ability to deal with pain when a person knows how to treat it with a simple hands-on method like the Gentle Touch.

We don't have much pain at CasaDay, so I rarely have an opportunity to write about how well the Gentle Touch method really works, but I wanted to share this example with you because I knew you'd find it interesting.

I should also add that the doctor was surprised and pleased at how quickly Chris's toes healed. Toes that undergo this procedure often ooze and bleed for weeks, but Chris's post-operative problems were gone completely in four days. Amazing!

As far as I'm concerned, every family in the world should know how to use the Gentle Touch pain relief method because it sure worked great to relieve the pain after Chris's ingrown toenail surgery.

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