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How to Make Kim Chi Fried Rice

By Dr. Ben Kim

If you enjoy authentic Korean kim chi, I think you'll find this recipe for Kim Chi Fried Rice right in your wheelhouse. Talk about mouthwatering bursts of flavor with every spoonful. Once you have some rice and kim chi ready to go, the whole dish takes no more than about ten minutes from stove top to your kitchen table.

First, you need kim chi. If you haven't come across our recipe for truly healthy kim chi, click here to check it out.

If you don't have time to make your own kim chi, you can always pick up a jar at a local Korean grocery story.

You also need some cooked rice. To make two to three substantial portions, cook up two cups of rice. For traditional mouth feel, it's best to use calrose (sushi) rice, though any variety will do. If you use calrose rice, use two parts rice with two parts water, but let the rice soak for about thirty minutes prior to cooking.

These days, we use the following stainless steel rice cooker that Margaret found through Amazon.com.


Here's a link if you're looking for this type of rice cooker:

Oyama CFS-B12U All Stainless Rice Cooker

Once you have some kim chi and about 3 to 4 cups of cooked rice ready to go, chop up one medium to large yellow onion and one to two green onions.


Begin sautéing your yellow onion slices in olive oil over medium heat in a large pan.


Add a cup and a half to two cups of kim chi to your onions - no need to allow the onions to cook on their own for any length of time. The onions and kim chi can sauté together.


Stir and let cook for a good three to five minutes or until the onions start to become translucent. Then add your green onions.


If you have some minced garlic on hand, you can add a good teaspoon at this point.

Next comes your cooked rice - about three to four cups.


Then a tablespoon of go choo jang, a thick, fermented chili paste that's unique to Korean cuisine. I suppose you can use any variety of chili sauce as a substitute, but if possible, I highly recommend that you use go choo jang for its unique, hearty flavor - it's readily available at every Korean market in the world.


If you have some sesame oil on hand, add a good teaspoon at this point and give everything a really good mix. You want your go choo jang to get evenly distributed throughout.


Best to serve it up while it's steaming hot.


Garnish with some sesame seeds if you have some in your pantry.


And that's it. Perfectly authentic Kim Chi Fried Rice that'll make any Korean grandmother swoon and give you a few congratulatory slaps on your back.

If you're feeling like a boost of healthy protein, serve this up with a sizzling fried egg on top - this is how it's typically done in Korean restaurants.

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