Even If You're a Beginner, You Can Meditate as Deeply as a Zen Monk with Our Kyoto Protocol No. 3 Meditation CD

by Chet Day
Editor, Health & Beyond Online

This is the kind of experience you can look forward to when listening to my popular Kyoto Protocol No. 3 meditation CD :

Together we walk slowly with our meditation teacher as dusk approaches...

We're in a rural area many miles north of Kyoto, Japan.

Our teacher leads us mindfully along a deep forest trail that has been tended for centuries by Zen Buddhist monks.

As the sun dips slowly into the west and the light begins to fade, a gong reverberates through the evening from the main temple a half mile or so behind us.

The sun begins to set.

From a nearby tree in the deep forest, an owl hoots.

Ah, there!

We've reached the end of the path.

The small meditation zendo we've been seeking emerges from the deep forest.

Wind chimes sing when a gentle breeze wisps through us, through the zendo, through the forest.

The brass gong in the distance at the main temple again calls monks to evening reflection.

We answer the gong by donning meditation robes.

We lower our bodies onto firm meditation cushions.

We look quizzically at our teacher.

"Now you relax and become like a cat," he says.

We shift our bodies and settle more comfortably onto our cushions.

Our teacher smiles and whispers, "Breathe slowly and deeply and listen to the chimes, the owl, the temple bells."

After taking several long, gentle, deep breaths, our minds slow down and a deep sense of calm replaces the usual endless stream and noisy chatter of thoughts.

A few more minutes pass, and we know the deep inner peace that comes from the simple act of meditating.

You Can Use Kyoto Protocol No. 3 CD as Your Meditation Teacher

In 2009, wanting to help beginning and intermediate meditators easily and quickly achieve deep states of meditation, I created an hour-long CD titled Kyoto Protocol No. 3.

Although it is extremely powerful, this CD is NOT a guided meditation CD.

Kyoto Protocol No. 3 combines soft music, gentle sounds from nature, and advanced NeuroImagery™ audio technology to help your brain generate theta waves for a deeply fulfilling 60-minute meditation session.

We know you're busy and pressed for time,
so you don't have to listen to Kyoto Protocol No. 3
for the full sixty minutes to enjoy its many benefits.

You see, this CD is so powerful that even
a ten or fifteen minute session will relax you
more than a stiff drink or a forty minute power nap!

And, no, you don't have to use headphones, though many Kyoto Protocol No. 3 owners do just that and report amazingly blissful experiences from doing so.

Finally, we've been using meditation CDs for years, and the very few that come even close to giving us the peace of mind experienced during a Kyoto Protocol No. 3 listening session cost $65 and up.

You can own my Kyoto Protocol No. 3 for a whole lot less than that!

Kyoto Protocol No. 3 CD


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