Liver Symptoms:

Symptoms of Liver Problems

Many liver problems appear in ways that seem unrelated to the liver itself.

Acne is often caused by a liver which is not filtering toxins from the body well enough. Psoriasis is another condition which is often caused by a liver which is damaged or not functioning well.

Yellow colored skin is a common symptom of a liver problem, which is also known as jaundice.

People who have yellowed skin tend to have liver damage, diseases, or their liver is simply not working as well as it should be.

Dark colored urine can also be a sign of liver problems, as can light colored stools.

Nausea and loss of appetite are two other symptoms of liver damage, functionality loss, or disease too.

Unusual weight loss is a common symptom of liver problems, but some people experience unusual amounts of weight gain instead.

Vomiting can sometimes occur too, as can diarrhea.

Unusual skin itching, rashes, eruptions and skin buildup in the form of plaques is another common side effect of liver problems. This happens because when the liver isn't functioning properly, the body will often try to get rid of toxins through the skin instead.

Severe and sudden pain in the upper right part of the stomach area is a sign of acute liver problems, but these are more rare than chronic conditions which develop slowly over time.

Other health problems that can occur when your liver is not functioning properly include:

  • general feelings of illness,
  • fatigue,
  • chronic low blood sugar,
  • enlarged blood vessels in your legs known as varicose veins,
  • low grade fever,
  • muscle aches and pains,
  • loss of sexual desire,
  • and depression.

As you can see from this long list of symptoms, how well your liver is working can be a critical component of the overall health within your body.

Making sure your liver is healthy can be one of the most important steps you take towards improving your overall health, and resolving a myriad of common medical complaints.

In fact, some people believe that some of the latest syndromes and conditions that have been given names by the modern medical community are simply manifestations of liver problems.

By cleansing your liver, and allowing it to heal and tone, you can often bring it back into proper working order.

When this is successful, many minor and major health problems within your body will begin to be corrected naturally.

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