Living to the Max

Once you've detoxed and reached a weight that makes you feel good, then it's time to individualize the diet and life style that you will follow for the rest of your life. Below I include some starting places worthy of serious consideration.

The H&B Living to the Max program
With occasional lapses, I've been using the basics of this program since 1993. It's not perfect and it's not for everyone, but it will serve as an excellent beginning place for men and women who want a full-blown description of what to eat and how to live.

The Mediterranean Diet
Zorba the Greek danced a lot, and I'm pretty convinced after studying the Mediterranean diet that the way he ate had a great deal to do with his longevity and energy. When you study the Mediterranean diet pyramid, I think you've be interested in adapting aspects of this program too.

Is Italy's Mediterranean Diet a Myth?
Famed cancer researcher Dr. Ralph Moss discusses popular misconceptions about the Italian life style and its impact on health.

The Healthy Vegetarian Diet
Click here to learn some of the basic details of healthy vegetarian diets, which, of course, vary from area to area and from advocate to advocate. The food pyramid given here you'll probably find especially helpful as you work to define your own eating routine.

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