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By Chet Day
Publisher, Health & Beyond Online

Dear Fellow Learner:

Today I'd like to tell you about our powerful MasterMind Super Learning MP3.

MasterMind Super Learning is a 17-minute adventure in guided imagery that combines the pioneering hypnosis strategies of Dr. Milton Erickson with the latest learning research from the fields of neurobiology, neurophysiology, neurolinguistics, and information theory.

By listening regularly to this MP3, you can begin to take advantage of the “other 90%” of your brain’s capacity – and begin to realize the virtually infinite horizons of your amazing human brain.

And, if that's not enough, this MP3 is great fun to listen to.

MasterMind Super Learning

A 21st Century Approach

Earth... created out of the debris of some long distant stellar explosion.

We are all made of “star stuff” – spacemen and spacewomen – natural born explorers of uncharted, mysterious realms – absorbing these words with the most astonishing, most prolific and powerful mechanism in the universe - your own human brain! Imagine the possibilities...

For what’s more amazing than your 100 billion brain cells is the number of connections possible between them. Did you know that each of these 100 billion neurons can grow up to 20,000 branches or dendrites – a mind-boggling number because this means that the capacity of your brain is virtually unlimited! There are more possible interconnections in your brain than the number of atoms in the entire universe!

If you want to realize your vast learning potential, you need to begin expanding the neural networks of your brain – creating ever more abundant connections!

Most of us utilize only a small fraction of our brain’s capacity.

But that’s not entirely our fault.

You see, our brain’s passionate desire to make sense of a rich environment has been stifled within most of us by a public education system that more often than not kills the innate human desire to learn instead of birthing and nurturing it.

In American schools, our brains are far too often forced to use limited modes of expression. As if they were training baboons, "teachers" pound into young minds bits and pieces of often useless and boring information to be parroted back as “right” answers to pass the stupid standardized tests that "educators" use to measure learning in the 21st century.

Consequently, most of us each need to get rid of this “alien” programming so we can recapture the open mind and fresh senses we had before we entered what I think of as school prison.

We need to restore harmony with the neural networks inside of us – with the way our brains were naturally meant to function.

Our brains love a challenge, loves to search for the central significance of a subject, and, from this focal point to radiate in all directions an infinite chain of branching associations... your own growing network of knowledge... a continuous, endless flow of thoughts integrated into your own comprehension... into your own unique vision and interpretation of the world.

With the playfulness of childhood, each idea in your expanding chain reaching out in original, innovative directions...

  • so you see new relations
  • new connections between ideas
  • so you’re always on the verge of new discoveries
  • new realizations

And as you continue to ask new questions – and explore new possibilities – now you’re open and receptive to intuitive impulses... those flashes of creative inspiration!

If all the above sounds rather esoteric and New Agey, I promise that after listening to our 17-minute MP3, you'll have a much better understanding of the above as well as a deeper appreciation for the previously unused powers of your brain.


Talk About Easy Listening...

You'll be pleasantly surprised how easy and downright effortless this process is because you consciously don't have to do anything except turn on your MasterMind Super Learning MP3...

... and sit...

... or lie back comfortably...

... and allow yourself to be guided into this fascinating inner mind adventure.

"30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee"

Try MasterMind Super Learning MP3 for a full 30 days. Download and listen to the MP3, burn it to a CD or put it on your MP3 player, and listen to it every night before going to sleep.

If you are not completely satisfied with your MasterMind Super Learning MP3 , just email me a copy of your receipt within 30 days from the date of purchase, and I will give you a complete refund within 24 hours. No questions asked.

Recession Affordable Pricing...

If our MP3 could effectively and significantly improve your learning capacity, how much would that "magic pill" be worth to you?

I know for a fact that many people pay hundreds of dollars for private coaching to enhance their learning abilities.

Well, if you're serious about boosting your brain power, you'll download this MP3 right now and listen to it every night before you go to sleep for the next two weeks.

In fact, we'll sell you this professionally recorded MP3 that you can listen to with or without headphones for only $17.95.

Yep, for less than the price of a medium pizza, you'll have a non-drug audio tool you that'll help you supercharge your brain and boost your love of learning.

Yours for a Healthy and Loving World,

P.S. Don't keep your dreams buried inside of you. Order MasterMind Super Learning MP3 right now to help make your dreams your reality.

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