A Transitional Detoxifying Routine

by Drs. Robert and Elizabeth McCarter

The Transition Phase (Fruit-Juice Diet)

6 a.m.
Out of bed Stretching exercises. Enema (optional for those who don't like enemas). Lukewarm shower or bath.

One cup of herb tea (your choice). Warm, not hot. You may flavor your tea with one teaspoon of honey, if desired. Use pure water.

Brisk walk or some other form of exercise, such as calisthenics, swimming horseback riding, tennis, etc. Change your exercise routine regularly so that different muscles are used.

11 a.m.
8 ounce glass of fresh fruit juice, preferably grape, apple, or orange, diluted half and half with pure water. Always dilute fruit juices in this manner so as to avoid calcium loss. Rinse mouth.

1 p.m.
Dish of fruit in season, as much as you like. Eat only one kind of fruit at a time. Do not mix foods at this stage of recovery.

Note: fresh fruits are always preferable to dried fruits. However, in certain areas it may be difficult to obtain fresh fruits during the winter season. In this case, use dried fruit. Just soak overnight in pure water to cover. Do not cook. Such fruits are delicious and need no sugar. Purchase only unsulphured dried fruits at your health food store. They usually carry a wide assortment.

3 p.m.
Exercise period. Fifteen minutes. (See exercise section to follow)

3:30 p.m.
8-ounce glass of undiluted fresh carrot juice or carrot and celery juice. (Or diluted fruit juice, apple or grape only)

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4 p.m.
Rest period in bed. Lie prone and relax even if you can't sleep.

7 p.m.
Dish of fruit, as much as you like. Choose fruit which you did not have at noon. One kind only.

9:30 p.m.
Enema followed by lukewarm shower or bath.

10 p.m.
4-ounce glass of fresh undiluted carrot (or grape) juice. Bedtime.
Pleasant dreams. (Note: if you use grape juice, be sure to dilute it 50-50 with pure water.)

The foregoing regime is often called a modified or partial fast. This is not strictly correct. The word 'fast' implied total abstinence from food, the individual having recourse only to pure water. Quicker results can usually be obtained from a total fast with complete bed rest, using only pure water as needed. Our transition regimen should correctly be called a juice-fruit diet and excellent results will be forthcoming if it is faithfully followed. Severe cases, of course, should go on a complete fast, but only under the supervision of an experienced practitioner and in an institution away from disturbances of any kind.

On our juice-fruit diet you will probably have no need for additional liquid.

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