Please Give Me a Few Minutes So I Can Tell You about My EarthRain Meditation and Relaxation EarthRain Meditation CDCD

From:  Chet Day
Editor, Health & Beyond Online

Dear Friend:

I know you don't have time for a long sales pitch, so I'm pretty much going to let satisfied customers tell you about my EarthRain CD.

First, we hear from Julia L, a recent customer:

The Best Meditation CD
I Have Used So Far

Hello Chet:

I have been meditating using your EarthRain CD for a couple of weeks now and find it to be the best meditation CD I have used so far.

I very quickly descend into a deep Delta state and find that the more I use the CD, the quicker this result is achieved.

I find that I cannot lie down while meditating with your CD (my preferred posture) or I will fall asleep, something that was impossible in the past while tuned into any kind of musical device.

I also enjoy your newsletter, EarthRain Meditations, and look forward to each new issue. I have learned many interesting things, and my meditating has improved because of your advice.

Thank you. I look forward to many hours of powerful meditation.

Warmest Regards

Julia L.

Next, I think you'll enjoy reading a few words from my daughter-in-law, Leah, who made good use of the EarthRain CD on the Sunday of the birth of my first grandson, James...

March 20, 2007

It's been a little over three weeks since our son James Ender Day was born on February 25. In the weeks since his birth, Josh and I have experienced a vast array of emotions as new parents.

Reflecting on James' birth, however, fills me with love and peace, and I'd like to share some of the story from three weeks ago with you.

Leah Day and Baby JamesI woke up with contractions early on Sunday morning and knew we would be having our baby that day. I was so relaxed, lying in bed on my side, but the silence of the room seemed wrong. It was a perfect rainy day so I decided to listen to the EarthRain CD as Josh and I slept. It was one of the best decisions of my whole pregnancy.

We let the CD play all day, through fourteen hours of intense back labor, and even as I pushed our son into the world I could hear the gentle melody playing in the background. EarthRain didn't take the pain of labor away, but it did help me relax and find peace during the process.

When Chet asked what product we wanted to feature in celebration of James' birth, the answer was obvious to us. The EarthRain CD is a beautiful combination of soft thunderstorm, rain, and piano, and we could think of no better gift to share with you to honor the birth of our son.

Leah Day

Well, as happy as I am with my son, daughter-in-law, and new grandson, I'm not going to recommend that you get pregnant and give birth so you can fully test the power of the EarthRain CD!

But I am going to recommend the CD as a wonderful resource that can be used for blissful meditation as well as deep, peaceful relaxation in a huge variety of circumstances.

You see, with my EarthRain CD, you'll have a tool you can use for a few minutes to an hour any time you choose to visit a refuge where the hustle and bustle and noise and nonsense of modern day life will just plain fall away...

... leaving you by the end of the first 30 minutes of track one so relaxed and quiet that you may end up with goosebumps at the wonder of being able to feel this way.

Or, as a University of Massachusetts student recently put it...

Hey Chet,

Thank you very much for your service, communication, and honesty.

I listened to about 15 minutes of the EarthRain CD (I had to go to class) and man, I felt so relaxed and all. Out of this world experience.

Thank you very much!

Matt M.

Fifteen minutes of the CD and you'll experience the relaxation that Matt mentions above, but by the end of the second track of the EarthRain CD, you'll feel...

...totally calm, totally at peace with yourself and the world, and totally blissful.

And that feeling will last as long as you allow it to.

Well, I'm not going to talk you to death about EarthRain.

And I'm not going to tell you how much better it is than many meditation CDs on the market because there are a lot of good ones available.

Instead, I'll just share with you...

  • a happy EarthRain owner's comment

  • a doctor's review of the CD

  • another owner's comment

  • and then a brief description of the technology I used to create EarthRain.

First, a comment about EarthRain from Michele, who writes...

Hey Chet!

I wanted to let you know I purchased EarthRain... I don't even know what to say about it.

It is the absolute best relaxation CD I've ever heard.

When I put it in my portable CD player and put my earphones on, it immediately transports me back to my childhood, on a summer evening as I would lay in bed beneath the open window listening to the birds and the rain, and all nature had to offer.

It is so wonderfully relaxing, and satisfying, and peaceful. I am SO glad I have it. I just can't listen to it enough.

Michele R.

Second, the review...

Dr. Ben Kim's
Natural Health Newsletter

July 26, 2005


EarthRain Meditation CDA few months ago, I started listening to EarthRain, a new relaxation and meditation CD produced by my friend, Chet Day.

I love this CD. It provides the most soothing blend of relaxing music, quiet rainfall, and other comforting sounds of nature that I have ever heard.

Whenever my shoulders start getting tight from typing away at the keyboard and making rounds at our fasting clinic, I lie down on my chiropractic treatment table, close my eyes, and listen to 30 minutes of EarthRain. Every time I have listened to this CD, I have gotten up from my treatment table feeling like I have done something really good for my health.

About a month after I started using EarthRain, I began lending it to guests of our fasting clinic for use during their relaxation and visualization sessions. Without exception, each guest that has used EarthRain has found it to be soothing and relaxing.

If you are looking for an effective way to reduce stress and feel more balanced throughout the day, I highly recommend that you give EarthRain a try.

Dr. Ben Kim

And one more comment...

Good morning Chet,

As promised: Here are my other experiences with the EarthRain CD. I have noticed that I am much calmer, more collected and what is so amazing is that on certain days I feel like in a bliss. That stays usually with me many hours a day. It is such a wonderful feeling, it is happiness and lightness of being that both come from within. It is like floating but still being grounded.

Putting this experience in words is difficult but one thing is sure once you "tasted" that, you desire to be more in that balanced state of being all the time. However I must add that I have been meditating for many years.

Another experience: When I meditate with the CD, my breath gets deeper and round and after awhile I feel like I am the breath, there is no separation between my breath, my body and my mind, everything is ONE. It is something very deep indeed.

Thank you Chet for your wonderful work.

S. P.

Now a Brief Description of the
Audio Technology Used to Create EarthRain

EarthRain is a sixty minute CD that requires headphones for best results.

EarthRain has two tracks...

  • EarthRain A (30 minutes)
  • EarthRain B (30 minutes)

EarthRain is so powerful, you most likely will experience a depth of relaxation that you've never known before.

And, yes, if listened to just before going to bed, you'll know why many people use this CD to put an end to insomnia and restless sleeping that's leaving them exhausted every morning.

EarthRain features a soothing piano composition and the second generation tools of my groundbreaking NeuroImagery audio technology.

Using vibrational entrainment technology which acts like a tuning fork for the brain, EarthRain generates theta and delta waves for deep meditation.

A person with sophisticated sound analysis software would discover layered underneath the piano music and nature sounds six extremely powerful brain entrainment techniques that comprise my second generation NeuroImagery audio technology.

Amazingly enough, NeuroImagery audio technology does not use binaural beats, the brain entrainment method used in many of the world's most expensive meditation CDs.

Over the course of the full hour of EarthRain, NeuroImagery audio technology helps your brain generate theta and delta brain waves, the brainwaves associated with deep relaxation and meditation.

How About One More Report
From Another Satisfied Customer?

I bought recently your EarthRain meditation CD. I wanted to share my experience with the CD.

First what I noticed right away was that my breathing became much deeper, a deep breathing from the belly. I found that great because most of the people me included breathe far too shallow.

The second effect was/is that when I meditate I get very soon in a deep state of "absence" or profound relaxation, my daily meditation is much more profound.

When I am a little bit stressed out at the office I use the CD during my breaks. It is wonderful even if it is for only 10 or 15 minutes.

Is there anything special about that CD? I would be glad to know more about it.

Thank you very much for that great music.

All the best,


Oh Yes, This CD is POWERFUL

I've been using meditation CDs for years, and the only one that comes close to giving me the peace of mind experienced during an EarthRain meditation listening session costs over $150 for the first CD of a multiple CD program.

If you have deep pockets or if you believe you only get what you pay for through the nose, you can spend that kind of money...

Or Start Attaining Peace of Mind
By Purchasing
the EarthRain CD

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That's it.

Yours for deep meditation,

Chet Day

P.S. If you decided not to order, I'd really appreciate it if you'd click here and tell me why not.

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