Mexican Food Recipes

How to Make Mexican Restaurant Recipes
My son Josh Day shares his love of Mexican food and details how you can make restaurant quality, authentic Mexican food in your own home.

Speedy Gonzales Spicy Bean Burritos
Taco Bell has nothing on these spicy bean burritos.

Desert Mexican Pancakes
These little chicos are ideal for dessert or breakfast.

Authentic All-Grain Tortillas
Are you a Mexican or a Mexican't? Find out with these ultra authentic tortillas.

Mexican Rice Excelente
This restaurant quality Mexican rice will have you and your family raving.

Instant Sandwich de Mexico
Two slices of bread. Salsa, beans, and this special vegan Mexican cheese makes a great lunch.

Guacamole Free-for-All
This fun recipe for avocado dip will have your friends trying to come back every night for more.

Santa Anna's Black Bean Casserole
This is wonderful if you're in a south-of-the-border mood. Add a little Spanish rice and a glass of your favorite sangria for a complete and tasty meal.

True Mexican Cornbread
Taste the Yucatan sun with every bite of this delicious, authentic cornbread.

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