Natural Bodybuilding Articles

Chocolate Milk - Nature's Recovery Drink?
New research suggests an effective recovery drink may already be in your refrigerator: lowfat chocolate milk. Grabbing lowfat chocolate milk after a tough workout helped give both trained and amateur athletes a post-exercise training advantage.

Orthorexia and the New Rules for Clean Eating Part 2
In their quest for adding muscle mass and burning fat, many fitness and physique enthusiasts become obsessed with eating only the “cleanest” foods possible. Like the natural health enthusiasts, physique athletes usually avoid all processed foods and put entire food groups on the “forbidden” list.

The Bodybuilder's Guide to Nutrition
Many bodybuilders put a lot of focus into the details of their nutritional strategy. A small food scale, calculator, note pad and pencil are common items found in their kitchen.

How to Build Big Biceps
When it comes to body building, most people, including the hardcore muscleheads, think or focus on the biceps... the pipes, the pythons. Here are some pointers on building biceps without neglecting the rest of your body.

Setting Realistic Fitness Goals
Fitness isn't an easy feat, especially when you're committed longterm. That's why setting goals from the beginning is so crucial to keeping with the program.

How to Bench Press
The world's No. 1 bench presser and record holder, Scot Mendelson, teaches you how to do it in this interesting article.

How to Lose Body Fat
Natural bodybuilder Anthony Ellis discusses how losing a little or a lot of fat involves pretty much the same concept: consistent dieting coupled with cardiovascular exercise and weight training. This is how many professionals do it, and it works.

How to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat on the Warrior Diet
Warrior Diet author Ori Hofmekler answers a question that he hears all the time:
"How can I keep gaining muscle mass while losing fat on the Warrior Diet?"

The Warrior Diet
Ori Hofmekler's fascinating and controversial Warrior Diet is a "must read" book for the unconventional health enthusiast and those interested in natural bodybuilding who are fascinated by diet and workout approaches that flip the bird, so to speak, at traditional diet and fitness wisdom.

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