WARNING: Flu Scare Tactics Coming Soon from Big Pharm...

Who Else Wants 37 Classic Natural Remedies to Help Protect Their Family and Friends from this Year's Flu Strain?

by Chet Day
Editor, Health & Beyond Weekly

Let's start with some facts:

Seasonal influenza kills 250,000 to 500,000 every year in a normal year, and all sorts of factors determine who dies. In the U.S., for example, between 5% and 20% of the population becomes ill and 36,000 people die -- a mortality rate of between 0.24% and 0.96%.
Because flu can be deadly, it's prudent to follow quidelines recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) here in the United States:
  • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue in the trash after you use it.

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after you cough or sneeze. Alcohol-based hands cleaners are also effective.

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs spread that way.

  • Try to avoid close contact with sick people.

  • If you get sick, CDC recommends that you stay home from work or school and limit contact with others to keep from infecting them.
  • I also believe it's prudent to "be prepared" with time-tested natural remedies IF the flu does come calling to your home, your child's school, your work place, or the city or state where you live.

    You see, when news of a possible Bird Flu pandemic first struck several years ago, in the spirit of "being prepared" and "better safe than sorry," I spent close to a hundred hours researching and compiling the collection of natural cold and flu remedies that I'll tell you about today.

    I revised this report in 2009 in preparation for the predicted H1N1 Swine Flu pandemic, which of course never materialized.

    I completed the most recent update of the collect of remedies on Tuesday, November 5, 2013!

    Regardless of what you believe regarding this year's predictions and marketing hype about flu and vaccines, you can be prepared for any eventuality by arming yourself with a copy of my popular How to Beat Colds and Flu with 37 Natural Remedies, a downloadable 54-page special report.

    If you come down with a cold or flu this season, the tools in this report will help you heal a lot more quickly.

    And, unlike prescription medicines, government-funded vaccines, and over-the-counter pills and syrups, my collection of natural remedies comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

    Be Prepared
    with the Natural Tonic

    In this 54-page special report you'll find 37 of the best folk, home, and modern alternative remedies in the world of natural health for dealing with colds and influenza, including a wildly useful Natural Tonic that you can make in your kitchen with common ingredients from your local supermarket and health food store.

    Sat night I start feeling better and good thing because my husband starts telling me he feels stuffy... Come Sunday morning I was still under the weather but headache gone, no stuffy nose, barely coughing and no phlegm!

    What do you think? Amazing, isn't it?

    So I have cured my cold/flu in 3 days!

    Now listen to this, as soon as my husband started feeling ill, he took lysine and vitamin c... I gave him the tomato juice recipe and put him in the bath! He never even came down with a cold... nipped it in the bud.

    In the past year I had 3 colds lasting weeks... the coughing felt like it would never go away. Not this time! I coughed a handful of times.

    -- Kathy K.


    Chet, I just tried your Natural Tonic recipe for colds and flu with the white onion, garlic, hot chiles, horseradish, ginger and vinegar. These are ingredients that I already love and have instinctively ingested for head colds, etc. in the past -- but, you put them together and WOW!!!

    -- Jennie H.


    I just had to share this with you. Three weeks ago, what started out as a scratchy throat soon turned into laryngitis with no other cold symptoms. The next day a full-blown cold literally took me over in the time I left for work (at 6:30 am) and lunchtime.

    I went home, feeling more miserable than I had felt in years and a bit miffed at having gotten this to begin with. I swear the bubonic plague could be going around and I wouldn’t catch it. I always tell my co-workers that I don't need to get the flu shot because I refuse to get sick. Up until that day, it always worked.

    On my way home, I stopped at the local market to pick up the ingredients to make the Natural Tonic that you shared with us a few weeks ago.

    After mixing up the batch and taking my first dose, all I can say is WOW! It just about blew my socks off, but 20 minutes later, I was feeling fabulous! That was a Friday afternoon.

    I took one more dose the next morning, (another WOW!), and by Saturday afternoon, I felt as if nothing had ever happened. It was fantastic! I now have the Natural Tonic and will use it any time I start to feel a cold coming on. That may not be too often, but I’ll be prepared should I need it.

    Also, it was delicious mixed with olive oil, dill and basil on my salad the other night.

    Thanks for sharing this remedy with us Chet!

    -- Kitty K.



    I thought you'd like to hear an update on the Natural Cold and Flu Tonic. We've gone through one batch this season, and I'm getting ready to make another one.

    This has been the best thing since sliced bread. I've passed the tonic and its recipe out to friends, and the recipe is making its way around my husband's office with great success.

    Here's what I've noticed:

    Sore throat and ear from sinus drainage - knocked out within an hour. Avoided a bad cold by taking it every two hours for a day and a half (my husband didn't take it as regularly and has suffered two bad colds with horrible coughing).

    We were in a cold part of the country last week, and I even went to the grocery store to find ingredients to make a batch while we were out of town. It worked to avoid yet another bad cold while with tourists who were coughing and sneezing. Plus it stopped a bad chest cold in my mom.

    Great stuff!

    The only side effects that we've noticed is that it doesn't taste good, and it is very hot (spicy) and can burn your stomach and gives some people diarrhea.

    A secretary in my husband's office said, "Holy schmoly! That stuff is hot!!" She now cuts up a tomato and avocado and mixes the 2 tablespoons of tonic into it to create a type of salsa that she eats with tortilla chips. She says that it sits better on her stomach (she has an ulcer) and it tastes better. I think she is going to use it on her 5-year-old granddaughter this winter season.

    Anyway, thanks so much The Natural Tonic. I thought you might enjoy knowing that it has helped tremendously.

    -- Renee

    Do You Catch Colds or Flu?

    Did you ever seriously think about traditional cold and flu "care," the approach that involves...

    • Getting the annual " flu shot" that contains substances you would most likely never put in your body if you actually knew what was being injected;

    • Dashing off to a doctor every time you feel bad;

    • Sitting in germ-ridden waiting rooms for hours at a time;

    • Taking expensive symptom-suppressing prescription drugs with numerous side effects;

    • Popping questionable over-the-counter pills and syrups and hyped up "flu cures" that often make you groggy and irritable and don't work worth a damn to begin with;

    and so on and so forth until both your body and your wallet want to scream for mercy.

    Fearful? No.

    Prepared? Absolutely!

    In How to Beat Colds and Flu with 37 Natural Remedies I'll arm you with 37 natural methods, many of which have been passed down for generations.

    In my personal opinion, these natural approaches beat the living daylights out of expensive, doctor-prescribed drugs and vaccines that may even cause as many problems as they solve.

    Additionally, with these natural remedies, your doctor isn't going to have to test you for liver damage. You see, the remedies in my report don't have the dangerous side effects of strong drugs and hastily manufactured vaccines.

    Let me tell you more about How to Beat Colds and Flu with 37 Natural Remedies, the natural resource for colds and flu that belongs in the library of health seekers everywhere.

    Do you know how to use the healing properties of simple foods?

    In this 54-page special report, you'll learn...

    • How chicken soup may be Mother Nature's best cold and flu remedy. You'll be able to use any or all of the dozen classic recipes for Jewish Penicillin to help your family overcome a cold or flu in a matter of days. (Pages 17-26)

    • How to make Breathe Free Onion Syrup that'll open your lungs. (Page 30)

    • Three dynamite Japanese food remedies for colds and flu. (Pages 38-39)

    • Three Mexican remedies for colds and flu, including one supplied by the great-great-granddaughter of Geronimo. (Page 40)

    • The secret recipe for Super Immune Juice, a concoction you can make at home as a daily tonic to help ward off flu and colds. (Page 42)

    In the 54-page special report, you'll learn...

    How a doctor in 1928 stopped colds and flu in their tracks allegedly 80% of the time with a simple solution you can get at your local drugstore for pennies. (Page 33)

    How a man has avoided colds, flu, and hangovers (!) for thirty years by simply taking two tablespoons every morning of a pleasant-tasting liquid found in most refrigerators. (Page 34)

    The clever New Zealand method for utilizing the antiviral, antibacterial, and healing properties of fresh garlic, a method most people have never heard of before. (Page 36)

    Multiple recipes for healing and soothing teas that taste good and also augment the body's natural healing powers. (Pages 37)

    How to use a common herb available for pennies in any grocery store to make a bracing drink for winter chills. (Page 36)

    In the 54-page special report, you'll learn...

    • The one supplement NO ONE is talking about that breaks up lung congestion as well as (if not better than) expensive prescription drugs and over-the-counter pills. (Page 31)

    • The Cold Wet Sock Treatment for all sorts of infections and inflammations in the upper body. It's simple to do and you don't need anything but some socks and some water. (Page 32)

    • Two common herbs that'll help relieve the pain of flu-related headaches without impeding the body's healing system. (Page 41)

    • How to use vitamin C properly both before and after getting sick. (Page 42)

    My special report also reveals complete details on how you can use juice fasting in the privacy of your home.

    (The "how to" information on juice fasting alone is worth more than twice the price of the entire report.)

    Once you know how to go on a simple juice fast, you may well never miss another day's work in your life because of illness.

    You'll Also Receive the Following Bonuses...

    If you order right now, you'll not only download a PDF copy of How to Beat Colds and Flu with 37 Natural Remedies,

    but you'll also receive...

    A free one-year subscription to Cold Flu Update, the weekly e-mail newsletter devoted to powerful natural tips and techniques for living a healthy life.


    Josh Day's 35-page The Pandemic Preparation Cookbook. In this comprehensive "how to" guide, you'll learn how prudent individuals should go about preparing for not only a flu pandemic but also for any other disaster scenario that might occur in these crazy times.

    Why am I adding the newsletter and pandemic preparation guide as bonuses to the 54-page How to Beat Colds and Flu with 37 Natural Remedies?

    The answer is simple...

    Since I started my business in 1993, I've had an ongoing commitment to provide the most value-filled natural health information on the Internet.

    Because I support a family and make my living online, I charge for important information and products, but I also like to over-deliver so you'll always feel that you got value for your money.

    To summarize, for less than the cost of a couple of boxes of over-the-counter medicine, I'll provide you with 37 natural flu and cold remedies you and your family can use for the rest of your lives.

    Order Right Now
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    • A 54-page PDF special report -- How to Beat Colds and Flu with 37 Natural Remedies;

    • A free one-year subscription to my Cold and Flu Update e-mail newsletter

    • Josh Day's comprehensive 35-page The Pandemic Preparation Cookbook

    Given how many hours I spent over the years researching these remedies, I've been advised to sell the remedy collection by itself for no less than $24.95.

    But because of the recent flu scare you can purchase this year's updated compilation of remedies in downloadable PDF format and the bonus items for only $19.95.

    Oh Yes, You Also Get a
    100% Money Back Guarantee

    Your satisfaction is guaranteed.What? A 100% guarantee?

    Exactly right. I stand behind the value of my work, and you can read and study How to Beat Colds and Flu with 37 Natural Remedies risk-free for thirty days with my 100% money back guarantee.

    Try the natural techniques in this special report for a free thirty day trial. At the end of that time, if you want your money back, just email the address in your receipt, and I'll promptly return your purchase price, no questions asked.

    In closing, if you think there's any chance at all that you'll be exposed to cold or flu germs this year, don't you think it would be smart to have a copy my How to Beat Colds and Flu with 37 Natural Remedies in your home?

    Yours for a healthy and happy world,

    Chet Day

    P.S. Personally, I'd eat a bicycle seat before I'd ever let somebody in a white lab coat vaccinate me with some concoction whipped up in a frenzy to meet the demands of screaming politicians and greedy pharmaceutical executives. Give me 37 natural remedies any day of the week.

    Order Downloadable PDF
    37 Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

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    A 54-page special report in Adobe Acrobat Reader format (PDF) delivered by download -- How to Beat Colds and Flu with 37 Natural Remedies ($24.95 value);

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    Josh Day's comprehensive 35-page The Pandemic Preparation Cookbook;

    A 30-day money back guarantee.

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