Natural Fitness Articles

Too Busy to Exercise?
Once you read this article about the HIT approach to fitness, you'll never again have reason to use the "I'm too busy to exercise" rationalization.

Muscle Loss May Prolong Physique
Why does sarcopenia happen and can it be stopped? A study conducted in mice with accelerated muscle loss provides this insight: Less protection from antioxidants and more damage from oxidative stress results in impairment to cells' energy centers, which slowly leads to death of muscle cells.

Metabolism Boosting Exercise Tips
First off, forget the word "exercise." Call it activity. Here are several fun activities to boost your metabolism.

Benefits of Folding Treadmills
If you live in a small apartment or a similar cramped space, a foldaway treadmill would be ideal for you. Learn about the benefits and minor drawbacks.

Six Treadmill Exercises Using a Heart Rate Monitor
The heart rate monitor is one of the most important pieces of equipment on a treadmill. You will find one on almost all treadmills and it measures your heart rate throughout your exercise program.

Playing Baseball for Better Health
Grab your bat and oil up your glove. It's baseball season, and it's time to get fit and stay fit.

Horseback Riding for Better Health
Lock and load and saddle up. Did you know horseback riding is a great way to become physically fit?

Setting Realistic Fitness Goals
Fitness isn't an easy feat, especially when you're committed long-term. That's why setting goals from the beginning is so crucial to keeping with the program

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