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Air Quality Worsens with Paved Surfaces
The reason: the proliferation of strip malls, subdivisions and other paved areas may interfere with breezes needed to clear away smog and other pollution.

Keeping Chickens in a Dog Crate
Back yard chickens are a new trend and their popularity is only growing. Unfortunately, greedy manufacturers charge outrageous prices for even a modest chicken coop or tractor. Learn how we made the perfect chicken tractor without spending a dime.

The Cat's Purr for Health
You see, researchers have discovered that cat's purrs are the secrets to their nine lives. And if the purrs are healing our feline friends, then those wonderful little sound engines may also be sending good healing vibes into the bodies of those who pet and hold them.

The Right Liquids for Memory Improvement
Here is a list of liquids that help improve memory and recall as well as general brain health.

Lysine for Chronic Mouth Sores
Chet Day writes, "I want to share what I've learned about mouth sores and what you can do to prevent them and/or what you can do to help your body heal them more quickly."

Beneficial Bowel Flora and Sauerkraut
The idea of microscopic organisms living and reproducing within you probably seems creepy at first. But when you see the good these beneficial bacteria do for your health and well being, you'll want to welcome them aboard instead of wanting to throw them over the side.

A Timeless and Universal Health Principle
This article aims to give you a big picture look at how interconnected all of your parts are. Really understanding this concept should immunize you against the temptation to dip into the ocean of transient miracle remedies on the market.

Finally, the Food Chopper I've Been Looking for
I'd been using a lousy food chopper for years. Thankfully, I now have a quality food chopper that makes vegetable prep work actually easier, and it's a breeze to clean up. If you've been trying to include more vegetables in your diet, learn why a food chopper can help you reach your goals.

Health Problems Associated with Halitosis
Halitosis is usually caused by a variety of minor factors. Sometimes, however, chronic bad breath can be a sign of more severe health problems within your body.

A Simple Fruit Lowers Blood Pressure
That's right, the potassium-rich banana may help lower your blood pressure, according to this scientific study. Low potassium intake was also found in African Americans, who may be more at risk for blood pressure problems.

Protein for Breakfast Allays Appetites All Day
Try adding some protein to your breakfast, like salmon or eggs, and you may experience a diminished appetite for the rest of the day.

Symptoms of a Liver Problem
A liver problem may manifest itself in a variety of symptoms, and some of them seem to be completely disconnected from your liver.

Health Issues Stemming from the Liver
While most people think liver problems arise from over consumption of alcohol, liver diseases can be caught from viral infections and harmful bacteria and parasites within your body.

Trick or Treat? Sugars and Artificial Sweeteners in the Modern Diet
Everything you've ever wanted to know about sugars, both natural and processed, and everything you need to know about the dangers of artificial sweeteners. Article by Mira Dessy.

Artificial Sweeteners Linked to Weight Gain
Here at Health & Beyond Online, we've always considered artificial sweeteners to be nonfoods that have no place in the human body. In this article you'll learn how artificial sweeteners may actually contribute to weight gain. A must read if you're using any artificial sweetener.

High Fructose Corn Syrup Takes Another Hit
The rise in America’s obesity rates parallel the rise in consumption of high-fructose corn syrup, which occurred as manufacturers replaced costlier cane sugar (sucrose) in drinks and snacks with high-fructose corn syrup.

Dried Tart Cherries Top Antioxidant List, May Aid Pain and Sleep
So it may come as a surprise to learn that cherries – especially dried, tart cherries – approximate the potent antioxidant power of its two trendier companions, pomegranate juice and the purple Amazonian fruit called acai.

Stop Snoring WITHOUT Surgery
If snoring is turning your bedroom into a battle zone or worse, you'll want to learn about non-surgical techniques to reduce or altogether eliminate nose noise at night. This is a "must read" for those with annoying snoring problems.

Looking for the Secret of Longevity
The conquistador Ponce de Leon once combed a hazardous swamp wasteland for the fountain of youth in what is now known today as St. Augustine, Florida. Is there a secret to long life? Let's look at some supercentenarians and see if we can find the secret.

Oprah's Magazine Madly Misled on Mercury in Salmon
We at Vital Choice Seafood admire Oprah Winfrey immensely, so were disheartened to discover that the April 2005 issue of her “O” magazine ran an article wrongly calling into question the safety of wild salmon.

Seafood Versus Depression and Inflammation
In fall 2004, one "superstar" drug after another fell from its pedestal, the victims of exaggerated claims and unforeseen side effects.
Meanwhile, omega 3 fatty acid which is found in fish oil continued to rise as a fighter of depression.

Buyer Beware: Wild Salmon Scams Run Rampant
When you see wild salmon on the market which a fishy price--one that's too good to be true--walk away. You're not buying wild salmon but farm salmon labeled to mislead you and rip you off.

Friendly Skeptic Looks at Goji
Cancer researcher Ralph Moss takes a close look at the latest rage in the network marketing health industry: Goji Juice. Does the stuff live up to its claims... or is it just another overpriced"nutritional" drink?

Responses to Ralph Moss' Article: Friendly Skeptic Looks at Goji
Once again, we publish letters from people who disagree with Dr. Ralph Moss' critical take on Goji juice.

Friendly Skeptic Looks at Mangosteen
Cancer researcher Ralph Moss takes a close look at the latest rage in the network marketing health industry: mangosteen. Does the stuff live up to its claims... or is it just an expensive fruit drink?

Traditional Kim Chi
If you enjoy spicy and naturally-prepared foods as much as I do, you're going to absolutely love this tasty, fermented Korean dish known as Traditional Kim Chi. And it's good for you, too.

Most Common Household Toxins
Dr. Ben Kim looks at some very common items you'll find around the house and how many of them contain dangerous toxins.

Hospitals Serving Up French Fries with Trans Fat
Trans fat has made itself a home in French fries. And unhealthy fries have made a home in hospitals. Check out a table and see how hospital fries compare to McDonald's in trans fat content.

How to Prevent Frozen Shoulder
In this article, Dr. Ben Kim discusses one of the most common and preventable physical health challenges over the years, frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis.

Dr. Ben Kim's Free Newsletter
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Gifts for Always Cold People
If you know someone who's always cold and who bundles up in layers in eighty degree weather, here are some great gift ideas to keep them warm all year long.

The Sad Side of Fasting
In this article Dr. Ben Kim discusses the sad side of fasting and the pursuit of dietary purity.

Understanding High Blood Pressure
I completely agree that consistently having high blood pressure can increase your risk of suffering a heart attack, stroke, and kidney problems. However, in the vast majority of cases of high blood pressure, the pressure is high because it needs to be.

Fat Makes You Fat
The claim "Fat is a fat is a fat … and therefore makes you fat", isn't theoretically untrue, but nevertheless, in real life it is wrong and literally misleading.

Friendly Skeptic Looks at Ambrotose®
Cancer researcher Ralph Moss takes a close look at the network marketing health industry's popular glyconutrient, Ambrotose®. Does the product live up to hype about its disease-fighting properties?

Beware of Cell Phones
If you use a cell phone on a regular basis, there are some possible health risks you should be aware of.

Essential Information about Blood Sugar and Insulin
You have approximately 5 litres of blood traveling around in your blood vessels and heart at any given moment. In these 5 litres of blood, you need only about one teaspoon of sugar for all of your regular activities.

Today's Toxic Burden
One of the most overlooked, underrated reasons for today’s escalating disease rate is the presence of toxic substances in our lives. Toxins (poisons) are making us sick while huge corporations — including chemical manufacturers — are getting rich.

Dr. William Donald Kelley
William Donald Kelley, DDS, MS, one of the most significant figures in the history of alternative cancer treatments, passed away on January 30, 2005, at the age of 79. Learn about the life of this fascinating and controversial figure.

Are Needle Biopsies Safe?
In this remarkable and stunning article, Dr. Ralph Moss reveals yet another possible mass atrocity of the medical and pharmaceutical empire. Needle biopsies, which are all but standard in "diagnosing" for cancer, may actually spill the cancer into uninfected parts of the body.

How to Effectively Treat a Sprained Ankle
For years, the standard protocol for treating a sprained ankle has been the R.I.C.E. method - Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. While this protocol usually prevents further damage and allows gradual healing of a sprained joint, I have found that people recover more quickly and effectively when they follow the following recommendations.

The Price of Chewing Gum
If you chew gum on a regular basis, you may be harming your health.

Are You Throwing Away Your Egg Yolks?
Cholesterol is not a deadly poison, but a substance that is absolutely necessary for you to be healthy. High cholesterol itself does not cause heart disease. Join Dr. Kim join in never throwing away another egg yolk.

An Organic Egg Really Does Do Your Body Good
If you've been staying away from eggs because of the fear of high cholesterol, it may be worth your while to get cracking. Cracking organic eggs, that is.

Acute Back Pain
The best thing that you can do for yourself as soon as you feel that familiar spasm or pull in your back muscles is the following: Nothing. Does this surprise you? Read on for more.

Eating Too Much Fruit Can Be Dangerous to Your Health
While fruits and vegetables are much better for you than refined foods like cookies and chips, my experiences and research have led me to believe that too much fruit can be harmful to your health.

Say No to High Heels
What do toe pain, mid foot pain, heel pain, ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain, lower back pain, mid back pain, upper back pain, and headaches all have in common? You guessed it--high heels.

More on Healthy Vs. Unhealthy Fats
Dr. Ben Kim outlines ten practical and essential points regarding fats and oils in your diet.

Avoiding Hearing Loss
Dr. Ben Kim gives you some precautions on saving your hearing. This article is an eye opener, as much as it is an ear opener--some noises you may think are safe are actually not.

"Less Is More" in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer
Dr. Ralph Moss quotes a DFCI study showing evidence that less toxic chemical therapy for treating prostate cancer is better for patients than the standard two month radiation and three year hormone suppressant therapy.

Relieving Chronic Low Back Pain
Do you know anyone who suffers from chronic low back pain? As simple as it seems, many people with chronic low back pain can improve and even fully heal their backs by doing this one simple thing.

US Doctor Champions New Medical Model
An interesting article which tells about the medical model of Dr. Patch Adams, a physician who uses love and humor and listening to treat and help his patients heal.

Why I Don't Trust Doctors
Josh Day looks at JAMA's published article on the third leading cause of death in America. No, it's not cancer, but it has much more to do with the little men in the white lab coats than you probably think...

Exercising True Prevention
Did you know a survey was conducted that showed 75% of medical doctors would not subject their bodies to chemotherapy? Dr. Ben Kim explains true prevention so you won't have to deal with these hypocrites.

The Flu Scare Game
A must-read article on the so-called "flu threat." John Keller writes, "It's a crock, a lie, and a sham; a conspiracy to generate fear and stampede people to use a vaccine of questionable effectiveness to the benefit of pro-immunization bureaucrats, and big pharma. Sounds harsh, but follow the math and the money."

How to Treat Ear Wax
Dr. Ben Kim gives some techniques to naturally eliminate earwax.

Why Do You Want to Be Healthy?
Everyone says being healthy is what you should do. Dr. Ben Kim joins us again this week and discusses the link between physical health and a proper state of mind in conjunction with what happens to your body as you get healthier.

Getting Healthier from the Inside Out
In September of 2004, Dr. Ben Kim graciously agreed to serve as the professional Natural Hygiene resource for Health & Beyond Online subscribers and readers. Read all about him and his practice here.

Another Dissident Dermatologist
A disenfranchised M.D. breaks from the norm and challenges the pharmaceutical empire from one of the most well-respected dermatology institutes in the world. "The field is just replete with nonsense," he told the Times.

Bad Cholesterol: a Myth and a Fraud
F. Batmanghelidj, M.D, writes: "We in the medical profession, totally oblivious of the vital roles of cholesterol in the body, have been duped into thinking that it is this substance that causes arterial disease of the heart and the brain."

Pawspoint Reflexology in Animals
Yvette Eastman, a reflexologist, examines the connection between the feet or paws and mental and physical states in both humans and animals.

Depleted Uranium Weapons Hazardous to Health
Environmentalist Peter Montague reveals in this thoroughly researched article the dangers of depleted uranium weapons to human life and health.

Chicken Soup: Nature's Best Cold and Flu Remedy?
Learn how science has validated chicken soup as being useful and effective when you're down with a cold or flu. This article provides great "how to" information, including two healing chicken soup recipes.

How to Read Food Labels
Natural bodybuilder Anthony Ellis teaches you how to properly read a food label in this interesting and informative article. Know what you're putting in your body. Read the labels.

A Pesto Said to Remove Heavy Metals
Heavy metal poisoning is rampant. It may be a major cause of hormonal imbalances, cancer, thyroid problems, neurological disturbances, learning problems, depression, food allergies, parasites, and more. This is a great recipe that is not only easy to make but also really yummy, and it tells you how to remove heavy metals from the body.

Gall Bladder Flushes
This article provides basic information and "how to" details for performing a gall bladder flush at home. When the liver has been stagnant for a long time, sediments form in the gall bladder, according to some natural health writers, and that's the time to do a home gall bladder flush.

Soy: Too Good to Be True
In this important article, two authors from the Gerson Institute discuss soy and soy products, pointing out that eating them may not be a wise thing to do at all.

For What are We Saving?
After coming close to dying, Mark Nepo looked back at his life and realized he'd been living for a lot of the wrong reasons. In this superb little piece, you can find out if you're living for the right thing or for the wrong things. This is great reading.

Diseases Caused by Sugar Poisoning 
As long ago as 1910, thinking people were predicting an onslaught of diseases as a result of consuming refined sugar. This fascinating article makes great reading because the authors were so on the money with their forecasts. 

Pesticides and Aggression 
Rachel's Weekly once again comes up with a "must read" article. In this issue, editor Peter Montague reveals how pesticides are contributing to not only ill health but also aggression in modern society. Read this article for the sake of your children's mental and physical health.

The Great Health Hoax 
Medical "science" loves to cite their double-blind studies as proof that this or that drug or new procedure will cure this or that disease. Then, when the new drug or procedures actually working in the real world, on far too many occasions, people start getting sick or dying and the new breakthrough turns out to be one more instance of medical pie in the sky. Read this article to learn how medical "science" has been scamming all of us for decades. 

The Hidden Hazards of Microwave Ovens 
If you're still using a microwave oven, you need to take a close look at this article right now. Read what a Swiss scientist and researcher has discovered regarding dangers with microwave ovens that few of us have ever thought about. 

Energy Unlimited 
John H. Tobe took on and poked holes in practically everything that "mass manufacturing" and the "medical establishment" came up with until his death in 1979. He was also one of the few people to visit the Hunza people in the 1950's and wrote about their unexceptional health. The article you're about to read comes from his book, The Golden Treasury of Natural Health Knowledge, which is full of articles he wrote during his lifetime for his monthly magazine Provoker. Also contains one of the great recipes for muesli.

My Family's Experience with Homeopathy 
Many people use homeopathy instead of modern medicines with their often dangerous side effects. Click here to read why Joel Preston and his family use this kind of alternative health approach in their lives. 

Health and Food in Russia 
Craig De Mott shares with us a fascinating article depicting health and food in Russia in June of 1999. 

A Cure from Outer Space 
Since I like to have something for everyone on H&B Online, I've including this article by a healer in California who received the formula for this concoction from aliens. Hey, the formula looks healthier to me than a lot of stuff I see people spending hard-earned money for, so don't laugh. 

Tomatoes and Arthritis 
Eating tomatoes and other members of the nightshade family can make your arthritis worse. Read this article to learn more about the nightshade family.

Medical Mistakes
In this frightening article, Peter Montague discusses how infections produced by medical care are directly responsible for 20,000 deaths among hospital patients in the U.S. each year as well as contributing to another 70,000 deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Cinnamon Helps Type 2 Diabetes
In this short and easy to read article, Mike Hodge reveals how a teaspoon of cinnamon every day can do wonders for those with Type 2 diabetes or the millions of overweight men and women in danger of getting it.

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