Natural Pet Articles

The Cat's Purr for Health
Some folks claim cat's purrs are the secrets to their nine lives. And if the purrs are healing our feline friends, then those wonderful little sound engines may also be sending good healing vibes into the bodies of those who pet and hold them.

Keeping Chickens in a Dog Crate
Back yard chickens are a new trend and their popularity is only growing. Unfortunately, greedy manufacturers charge outrageous prices for even a modest chicken coop or tractor. Learn how we made the perfect chicken tractor without spending a dime.

An Attempt to Cure an Oscar's Hole in the Head Disease with a Natural Source of Vitamin C
One of my large fish has contracted a disease and I'm attempting to cure him with real vitamin c. If you don't know the difference between real vitamin c and "vitamin c" that's listed on a bottle, this article is a must-read.

Why Do Cat's Eyes Glow in the Dark?
Ever pondered that? Ever wondered how a fly actually sees? This fun article answers your questions and also helps you understand how you see too.

Epilepsy is the result of functional cerebral disturbances without obvious causes other than a possible hereditary predisposition. Epilepsy can appear in pets, too.

Seven Things Your Dog or Cat Wants and Needs to Stay Healthy and Disease-Free
Good things always come in seven. Here are 7 guidelines in keeping a healthy pet. Written by Dr. Shawn Messonnier.

The Fat on Fatty Acids
Dr. Shawn Messonnier gives you the skinny on "fatty" omega 3 acids. Fatty acids are just as important for pets and dogs as they are for you.

How to Set Up a Fish Bowl
Believe it or not, but you can keep a slice of aquatic life on your desk with minimal cost and worry. And the best part is these small nano systems are often cleaner and better for fish than their huge 55 gallon relatives.

Fish Tanks for Relaxation and Stress Relief
Do you want to relax, but you feel like you're too busy to take up a hobby? If this sounds like your life, then you might want to consider a freshwater tropical fish tank for your home.

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