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If Stress is Making Your Life Miserable, Then You'll Love Our Non-Drug Solution

By Chet Day
Publisher, Health & Beyond Online

Dear Stress Sufferer:

Today I'd like to tell you about...

Ocean Away

A Mystical Hypnotic Adventure

We call our LessStress System MP3 Ocean Away, and one of the nicest things about it is the fact that you can load it to your iPod, burn it to a CD, or listen to it on your computer.

Ocean Away is a 17-minute adventure in guided imagery that combines the pioneering deeper learning strategies of Dr. Milton Erickson and Neuro-Linguistic Programming with the ancient wisdom of various religious, philosophical, and mystical traditions.

Here's a comment from a satisfied Ocean Away listener:

Thanks Chet.

I purchased your LessStress System and it works like magic.

I love the Ocean Away mp3! So soothing, so relaxing. I use it first thing in the morning and last thing at night and the effects are awesome.

I can't thank you enough.

Mary J.


Ocean Away has been intricately conceived to reduce stress by liberating the positive, life-transforming energy of your deeper mind.

Whoa, that sounds rather mystical and New Agey, doesn't it?

Well, in a way it is... and if you're a person who fears hypnotism or who thinks hearing a word like reincarnation invites the devil into your body, this MP3 probably isn't for you.

But if you're an individual who recognizes the value of guided imagery and hypnotic techniques, you're going to enjoy and appreciate the relaxing power of Ocean Away.

In a nutshell, the powerful and entertaining Ocean Away MP3 helps you realize a more enlightened and far wiser perception of life’s misadventures.

Here's a report from another satisfied Ocean Away owner:

I have to admit I used to let little things upset me, like someone cutting me off in traffic and this seems quite foolish now. After listening to your relaxation mp3, I noticed a new calmness about me, and those little things no longer got to me. My wife was pleasantly surprised at the change and so was I.

The other day, I was in rush hour traffic when another driver did something rude, and I recalled the times I would get all riled up, but now POOF! –- the old anger was gone. I could just accept feeling relaxed about it, without making any effort to control it. The old feeling just vanished. It’s as if all the tension has just drained out of my body.

Ocean Away has made me a more relaxed person and I highly recommend it to anyone who endures needless aggravations like I did.

R L.


After listening to Ocean Away, the very occasions you once perceived as the cause of your distress and unease will now be seen through an enhanced and more advanced awareness, as opportunities tokeep your composure and your good-natured humor!

No matter how distressing life’s misadventures may have once seemed, by listening to Ocean Away you can transcend these and remain serenely balanced and centered.

When you listen to Ocean Away, your body naturally responds with the “relaxation response,” which is the precise opposite of the stress response. Your heart and respiratory rates slow down, your blood pressure lowers, and your muscles unwind so you can relax like you've rarely relaxed before, if ever during your adult life.

And one more comment from one more happy listener...

Your relaxation mp3 Ocean Away was a revelation for me. It’s as if a light is shining down on me giving me a new illuminated view of life.

Day-to-day things don’t stress me anymore. I’m more patient with my children, and I’m more accepting of people in general, even when I don’t like how they are.

I’ve also stopped blaming my anger on everyone else, and started taking responsibility for how I feel. This control over my emotions and the new sense of peace that I have makes me feel more confident about myself. I’m happy to have a kind of spiritual support I can use.

J. N.


Oh yes, one more thing...

You'll be pleasantly surprised how easy and downright effortless this process is because you consciously don't have to do anything except turn on your Ocean Away session and sit... or lie back comfortably... and allow yourself to be guided into this fascinating inner mind adventure.

If our MP3 could effectively and significantly reduce your stress level, how much would that "magic pill" be worth to you?

I daresay, some would pay hundreds of dollars to lessen their stress burden.

Well, if you're serious about reducing your stress, you will buy this MP3 right now and listen to it before you go to sleep tonight.

And it sure won't cost you hundreds.

In fact, we'll sell you this professionally recorded MP3 that you can listen to with or without headphones for $17.95.

Only $17.95?

Why so little when equivalent stress solutions can't be found for less that $20 and usually a lot more than that?

Well, we're charging $17.95 for our MP3 for two main reasons:

1. $17.95 puts the Ocean Away MP3 within reach of the vast majority of people.

2. Every $17.95 sale encourages us to create and/or license more of these special MP3's in the future.

Yep, for the price of a large pizza, you'll have a non-drug audio tool you that'll help you deal with stress issues that are making your days and nights miserable.

Yours for a Healthy and Loving World,

P.S. Don't wait to do something about your stress problem until the people around you are so sick of your anger and depression that they're ready to scream. Order Ocean Away right now because your family will thank you for it.

Ocean Away is a downloadable audio file in MP3 format, which you can add to your MP3 player, burn to a CD, or listen to on your computer.

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