Oral Thrush:

Oral Thrush: Yeast Infection of the Mouth

Oral thrush is a yeast infection that has developed in and around the mouth. Most of the candida albicans bacteria that lives in our bodies tends to exist primarily in the intestinal tract, and in the mouth. Candida yeast bacteria thrives in warm, moist, dark environments, and this is why it tends to develop most often on parts of our bodies which meet these criteria.

The mouth is one of the primary places on our body which is warm, moist, and dark, so any time an injury or skin breakage occurs in this area, the candida yeast bacteria are able to dig in and start an infection.

Oral thrush is most commonly seen in small children, but it can develop in people of any age. Small children are more prone to this type of yeast infection because they stick everything they can into their mouths. Yeast infections are highly contagious, so if a child inserts a toy in his mouth that was previously in the mouth of another child with an oral thrush infection, then that infection is often transmitted to the new child.

Small children also often have frequent, chronic ear infections. These infections are chronic because the child's eustachian tubes which connect the ears to the throat are not fully developed yet. The eustachian tubes are tiny, narrow, and flexible in small children.

Bacteria from the throat area is able to easily travel up these tubes to the inner ear and cause infections. This is most common with children who sleep with baby bottles in their mouths, but it can happen for a variety of other reasons too.

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In any case, because small children are prone to getting ear infections, they're often placed on antibiotics. Due to over-prescribing antibiotics, the antibiotics often don't work on ear infections anymore, and they often cause the side effect of creating yeast infections. In the case of small children, these infections often develop in the form of oral thrush.

As long as the child's immune system is fairly strong and healthy, curing the oral thrush yeast infection tends to be fairly easy. The first remedy you should always try is plain old fashioned yogurt. This remedy works so well against yeast infections that it's often recommended to have your children eat yogurt when they're taking prescription antibiotics too. The yogurt will actually help the body heal the ear infection faster, plus help stave off secondary infections such as oral thrush.

Garlic is another powerful way to kill oral thrush infections. If the children are old enough to hold a piece of raw garlic in their mouths for five minutes or so, then simply slice a piece off and give it to them. Have them move it all over their mouth and rub it on the outside areas of the infection too.

If your child isn't old enough for this, you can use garlic oil instead. Simply puncture a hole in the garlic oil gelcapsul, and use a cotton swab to rub the garlic onto the infected areas of their mouth.

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