Paleolithic and Low-Carb Nutrition Articles

Low-carb, High-protein Diets May Reduce Cancer Risk
In this article, you'll learn how a low-carb, high-protein diet may slow the growth of tumors as well as lower your overall cancer risks. More and more evidence regarding the health benefits of low-carb eating comes in with each passing week.

Cut Carbs to Lose Deep Belly Fat
Researchers have proven that a modest reduction in consumption of carbohydrate foods may promote loss of deep belly fat, even with little or no change in weight. This is more confirmation of the validity of the low-carb eating approach to weight loss and health.

Delicious Recipes for the Paleo Diet
No salt, check. No dairy, check. No grains, check. But here's the kicker: unlike raw vegan extremist diets, the paleo diet allows you to prepare flavor-packed gourmet food.

Overview of the Caveman Diet
Learn how your ancestors ate fifteen thousand to one million years ago, and learn how the nutritional intake may have been a lot more healthy than what we've eaten for the last ten thousand years.

Paleolithic Nutrition
In this fascinating discussion, Robert Clayhon interviews Colorado State University professor Loren Cordain, PhD, about the Paleolithic Diet and its implications for 21st century life. If you're not doing well with a plant-based health program, this interview will be must reading because it will open an entirely new area of investigation for you.

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