Health Articles about Seniors

Try Sequential Eating for Indigestion
If you're a slave to heartburn or excess gas or lots of burping after meals, I just blogged about a simple, natural technique that relieves indigestion and gas problems for a surprising number of people. You have nothing to lose (except your gas and indigestion) by trying this method, so take a chance and do it!

Rural Seniors Face Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease
Despite living in the countryside, where open space is plentiful and there is often significant agricultural production, California's more than half a million rural seniors are far more likely to be overweight or obese, physically inactive and food insecure than their suburban counterparts.

Energizing Spinach Smoothie
If you're spending big bucks on premium coffee or energy drinks that give you a boost (and the jitters from all the caffeine), then you HAVE to try the concoction in this blog post. Try this smoothie and you'll get a bolt of healthy energy because you're nourishing your body's cells, cells that are most likely starved for some real nutrition with real vitamins and minerals.

How to Make Your Own V8 Juice
I don't know about you, but I'd rather drink healthy veggie juice instead of sugar-laden soft drinks any hour of the day, any day of the week, any week of the year. Well, in this blog entry I provide two of the best homemade V8 juice recipes I've ever since since I started drinking healthy stuff back in 1993. Adding vegetable juice to the diet is one of the best things I know of for aging bodies to maintain health.

Foods to Clear Brain Fog
I understand wanting to have a clear head with a functioning brain in the ol' skull cavity, so in this blog entry I point out a few healthy foods you can use to dissipate brain fog when it comes rolling in.

Weightlifting for Baby Boomers
In this short blog post I share a few thoughts about weightlifting and how you can use it to feel better than you feel right now. Learn how to burn some fat and feed some muscle.

Seniors, Side Effects, and Celebrex
In this important article about side effects, Jay S. Cohen, MD, asks and answers a question about Celebrex: "Does this strong, one-size-fits-all drug put seniors, women, and others at unnecessary risk?"

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