Cool, Crazy Smoothies

Our Lemonade Recipe Collection
By presenting luscious conventional lemonade recipes, it's my hope that conventional eaters will eventually visit Health & Beyond Online and start to make some changes to their diets and life styles.

How to Make Healthy Smoothies
I don't know about you, but next to sipping on lemonade in heaven, having a healthy and tasty smoothie down here on earth might be the next best thing. Well, maybe that's a stretch, but, hey, everyone likes a good smoothie and in this pictorial Dr. Kim will teach you how to make a healthy, beautiful smoothie.

How to Make a Chocolate Vanilla Smoothie
Once you go through the steps in this detailed "how to" by Dr. Ben Kim, with just a few simple tweaks on the fly, you'll know how to make an endless variety of yummy, nutrient-dense, and dairy-free smoothies and soft ice creams, all with a blender and a few inexpensive ingredients.

Heart-Healthy Chocolate Smoothie Recipe
Raw, organic chocolate is one of nature's most flavonoid-rich foods. Here's a delicious recipe that packs a punch for heart health.

Dr. Ben Kim's Green Smoothie
A refreshing and healthy smoothie made from fruits, vegetables, and a dash or two of Dr. Ben Kim's Greens.

Freedom Vanilla Melonade
In yet another one of our free smoothie recipes, you'll find a tasty vanilla melon/lemonade treat.

Johnny Almond Fruit Smoothie
A healthy smoothie recipe with almonds and assorted fruits. Named after John of Johnson City.

The Bildungsroman
A yogurt smoothie for your brain. Nine out of ten graduate students recommend this for a fun breakfast shake.

Wait, that's not all...

These five fruit smoothie recipes are only the beginning.

Do you have a passion for making smoothies? Does your spouse yell at you for dirtying the kitchen with fruit and vegetable scraps, clogging the sink with pulp, and leaving the blender on the kitchen counter? Are you like Will Smith in the movie Enemey of the State, who "blends" to relax after a hard day of work?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then my recipe book Josh Day's Fabulous Smoothies is for you!

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