Healthy Soup Recipes

Broccoli Soup Recipe
Because of his irrational hatred of broccoli, George Bush the Elder would not have this recipe in the White House kitchen, according to rumor. Well, in this blog entry I share the recipe, along with some helpful comments about WHY you should eat broccoli, even if it doesn't taste as good as a juicy apple!

Fat Skimming Tips
No, no, I'm not talking about removing the ugly lard around your waist and hips. I'm sharing in this fun-to-read blog entry three easy-to-do methods to remove excess fat from home made soups. What, you don't make home made soup because you're a modern man or woman who lives on fast food or energy drinks? Oh my goodness, that's terrible!

The Healing Properties of Homemade Broths, Stocks, and Soups
Soup is not complicated. The most basic form of broth requires only two things: water and something that goes in the water (onion, bouquet of herbs, piece of meat, even a bone). Nutrients and flavors are leached from the object being boiled, transmuting the water into broth, or stock.

Creamy Tomato Soup, Made Healthy
A delicious recipe for cream of tomato soup, made with goat milk, fresh basil and fresh mint, and a dash of apple cider vinegar.

Ad-Hoc Radish Soup
I was experimenting one night with some radishes that needed to be used up and created this yummy, simple, and super-healthy soup.

Mongolian Shabu-Shabu
If you've had this fun, hearty, and delicious dish at an Asian restaurant, you'll love this recipe as you'll now be able to make shabu-shabu at home.

A Hearty, Healthy Bean and Rice Crockpot Soup
Perfect for those cold January days. Easy to make and feeds the whole family.

Delicious Chickpea and Pea Soup
Experience the many health benefits of eating green peas with this recipe, which is exceptionally healthy and calls for highly affordable ingredients.

Sandy's Girl Scout Stew Recipe
A tasty, if not so healthy, easy stew made out of canned goods and grass-fed ground beef. Put it together in under ten minutes.

Healthy Curried Stew Recipe
A delicious recipe for a curried vegetarian stew.

Sunday Beef Stew
Here's a hearty, healthy, and yummy beef stew recipe. Makes a lot, and it tastes even better on the second day!

Chicken Soup with Almonds
Traditional chicken soup with the light hearty taste of almonds.

Easy Vegetable Soup
No time for the stove top? This recipe is for you.

German Potato Soup
An easy and great tasting soup recipe from the Fatherland.

French Onion Soup
This 5-Star soup recipe will turn you into a gourmet French cook faster than the Iron Chef can dice a scallion.

South of the Border Tortilla Soup
A Mexican-style soup recipe that would have gained Pancho Villa's personal approval.

Cabbage Bean Soup
You'll be wolfing down this delicious and easily prepared soup like an Irish immigrant in the Potato Famine.

Delicious Split Pea Soup
The Jolly Green Giant with his axe couldn't split this great tasting soup recipe.

Gingered Chinese Noodle Soup
This is an excellent Oriental soup. If you like noodles and ginger, this Chinese Noodle Soup recipe is a keeper.

Fully Loaded Vegetable Soup
What do you get when you throw a bunch of vegetables into a pressure cooker? You get this hearty, delicious experience.


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