Health Success Stories

How to Live 100 Years
The doctors of his time told Italian nobleman Luigi Cornaro when he was in his thirties that he would die in a matter of months if he didn't change his ways. Talking them seriously, this young Venetian completely revamped his lifestyle and then lived happily and fully until he reached the age of 102. In Discourses on the Sober Life, you'll learn how he took responsibility for his own health and then amazed his family, his doctors, and the people of Italy.

My Bout with the "Big C" 
Irene King shares her fascinating experience with Level III breast cancer and how she used natural methods to dissolve a lemon-sized tumor, much to the amazement of her doctors. Read this wonderful narrative to learn about an alternative to chemotherapy and surgery.

Long Term Poor Eating Catches Up 
MIT graduate Bob Calvert writes, "I developed back problems, leg numbness, indigestion and anxiety in early 1998 until the dam broke and landed in the hospital emergency room November 1998 with gastric hyperacidity, esophageal reflux, high anxiety, and panic attacks." Click here to read what happened when Bob started changing his diet and taking responsibility for his own health.

The KISS Survival Food System 
W. David Goines' KISS Survival Food System is designed to introduce and integrate fresh foods into daily living such that it becomes part of your lifestyle. This system works all the time, not just during possible survival times.

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