Vaccine Legal Exemptions

Finally, An Authoritative Legal Guide into the Murky Waters of Vaccine Exemptions

by Alan G. Phillips, Attorney at Law

Josh Day
Reviewed by Josh Day

Perhaps the biggest fear of parents who opt not to vaccinate their children is the state taking legal action against them. Horror stories abound on the Internet of children being snatched by social services due to vaccination "noncompliance." While these stories may not all have valid substance behind them, they certainly frighten parents and motivate them to learn more about real legal exemptions to mandated childhood vaccines.

Unfortunately, the substance and validity problem arises here too.

Thanks to the murkiness of laws concerning exemptions, it's extremely difficult to get a foothold into rock solid information. State and federal (and constitutional) laws clash, courts set precedents only to contradict other similar cases in other states, and state and local officials are usually ignorant or even hostile about vaccine exemptions, making parents feel helpless.

The information available on the Internet is almost always anecdotal, often told second or even third-hand. It's difficult to get a grasp on where to begin when researching legal vaccine exemptions as you don't know what is really true or if it even applies to your state or area.

If you're like me, you don't want nebulous information that may or may not be accurate. You want the facts... the stone hard facts that provide you with legal protection.

As Detective Joe Friday once said, "Just the facts, ma'am."

Well, I'm happy to tell you that just the facts are finally here.

Alan Phillips, a licensed attorney in the state of North Carolina, has compiled some solid information pertaining to the unclear waters of vaccines and their relationship to the law. Whether you're biological or adoptive parents, military personnel, working in the health care industry, or a college student, Phillips' comprehensive Vaccine Legal Exemptions gives you all the legal information available about vaccine exemptions.

Trust me, you will not find this information on the Internet. I've looked. As far as I know, this is the only book available on the subject with such a clear and distinct focus.

Within this 121-page guide, you will find...

  • Invaluable frequently asked questions and answers from a licensed American attorney.

  • Cogent and easy to understand information about our convoluted legal system and how it relates to "mandatory" vaccine laws. No complicated legalese here!
  • How to proceed in a vaccine custody dispute... this advice is critical for the non-lawyer!

  • Understanding your rights with employee-mandated vaccines.

  • Immigration vaccine waivers -- including foreign adoption info.

  • A chapter strictly detailing the AAP's questionably-ethical "Refusal to Vaccinate" form and how it will affect your visit to the pediatrician.
  • Scores of state and federal-level cases involving vaccine exemptions... the outcomes, the presentations, and how the precedents affect you.

  • Information on attorneys. Scenarios that detail when you'd need to consult one or hire one... this info alone is worth the modest price of the guide as you'll learn this before you land into legal trouble!

  • Information about American laws that will surprise you. Perhaps you didn't think you were eligible for a religious exemption due to the laws of your state? Thanks to the United States constitution, this may not be true.

  • And finally, and most importantly, what to do and what not to do when presenting an exemption.

I wish I had read Alan Phillips' guide before we took our 3-month old son to the pediatrician. It turned out we had gone on a fair amount of misinformation when we made our case against vaccinating our baby. Thankfully, the appointment ultimately went well and we had no problems, but we were lucky.

I personally consider Vaccine Legal Exemptions the legal Bible for informed parents of nonvaccinated children. With so much contradictory advice on the Internet, combined with the very thin line the law allows for vaccine exemptions, this book is exactly what the non-vaccinating parent needs.

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