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Vitamin D Questions and Answers
In this short FAQ Dr. Kim answers the three questions asked most often of him on the topic of Vitamin D. These are questions you've most likely sought answers for, too.

Boosting Metabolism with Herbs
Herbs are one part in the boosting metabolism puzzle. Along with diet and exercise, herbs can play an important role in weight loss and metabolism boosting.

An Attempt to Cure an Oscar's Hole in the Head Disease with a Natural Source of Vitamin C
One of my large fish has contracted a disease and I'm attempting to cure him with real vitamin c. If you don't know the difference between real vitamin c and "vitamin c" that's listed on a bottle, this article is a must-read.

Whole Food Vitamins and Minerals to Support Your Health
What you don't know about vitamins and minerals may destroy your health. Unfortunately, due to the overdosage of synthetic vitamins, experiencing vitamin and mineral toxicity is far more common than you might think.

Dr. Kim's Vitamin C
Dr. Ben Kim's delicious vitamin c powder is 100% natural and even tastes like cherries!
Read our review of this product and learn why it's the only vitamin c we use and recommend.

Vitamins and Minerals for Healthy Skin
Keeping your skin youthful and healthy looking is not just for cosmetic appearances, but healthy and attractive skin is good for your whole body.

Vitamins and Minerals for Fingernail Health
Brittle or poor looking fingernails indicate the body's lack in certain vitamins or minerals. By watching your fingernails and keeping them in good shape, you help keep your body well rounded in nutrients.

Mothers' Fish Oil Supplements Benefit Kids' Brains
DHA dominates the structures of human brains and retinas, and is essential to their functioning.
This has led to decades of research designed to determine whether mothers’ intake of DHA enhances the development of their children’s brains and vision.

Understanding the Benefit of Omega 3 Fatty Acids
You've probably heard a lot about omega 3 fatty acids, but do you really understand the ways in which they are beneficial to your health and which foods to get them from?

Natural Vs. Synthetic Vitamins
Dr. Ben Kim discusses some facts that you won’t find advertised on most of the vitamin supplements at your local vitamin store. Learn about the difference between natural and synthetic vitamins.

Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6 is commonly referred to as pyridoxine. It is a water-soluble B vitamin that comes in six different forms. But what does vitamin B6 do in your body?

Vitamin Z: Zinc
There's no such thing as Vitamin Z per se, but we do have zinc, which is another overlooked vitamin.

The Super Vitamin, Vitamin C
We all know about Vitamin C. If I may be so bold, I believe it is the most well known vitamin out there. But do you know what it does for you?

The Role of Vitamin E
Vitamin E is crucial for the proper usage of Vitamin A in your body. In that sense, these vitamins are kind of like cops in a seventies cop drama. Starsky and Hutch, if you will.

The Biotin Vitamin
AKA Vitamin H. Biotin is also a member of the B complex vitamin group. Like its seven counterparts, be sure you are getting enough.

Sodium as a Supplement
Next time you see a commercial doctor telling to cut sodium out of your diet and replace it with an expensive drug, maybe you should read this article and learn what sodium does in your body.

Potassium and Your Health
Bananas and potatoes are excellent sources for natural potassium. But have you ever wondered what potassium does for your body? Check out this article.

The Importance of Phosphorus
Phosphorus. You may not know it, but you need a minute trace amount of this in your body. If you're vegan, you may not be getting enough.

Hidden Hazards of Vitamin Tablets
Where supplements are concerned, you often get what you pay for. Read this article and learn what to look out for in the vitamin and mineral supplement field.

DMSO and Vitamin B12
In this fascinating article, Dr. David Gregg discusses Vitamin B12 deficiencies and provides the "how to" details to make a new kind of "home remedy" delivery system for B12.

Three B-Complex Supplements Compared 
Health & Beyond Online contributing editor Karen Railey takes a very close look at three different B-complex supplements. Still trying to decide whether or not to supplement your diet? Read this important article and have the knowledge to make a better decision.

Vitamin B Deficiencies
Vic Shane turns his attention to the all-important vitamin B family and reveals how many vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike can experience both minor and major health problems if they are deficient in B vitamins.

Vitamin B12 and the Hallelujah Diet
Researcher Michael Donaldson, Ph.D, reveals that all of those on predominantly plant-based vegan or vegetarian diets need to supplement to avoid vitamin B12 deficiencies.

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