World Cuisine Articles

North Indian Cuisine
North Indian flavors have become an important part of international cuisine, spreading through the world's metropolitan centers and into the food cultures of many countries.

East Indian Cuisine
East Indian cuisine is well known for delectable fish curries, but seafood is served steamed and delicately spiced and is used to create snacks and appetizers like pakora.

South Indian Cuisine
Southern Indian cuisine differs from other regions in several ways, with their dals and curries tending to be more soupy, and a much more common use of coconut milk appears in cooking.

West Indian Cuisine
Within west Indian cuisine, there are distinct regional influences, with individual styles arising out of several states, including Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan.

The Food of the Middle East
Middle Eastern food includes Arabian, Syrian, Moroccan, and Greek cuisines. Popular dishes such as shish kabob, pitas and hummus, and baklava all hail from Middle Eastern cuisine.

The Food of Puerto Rico
They were called the PR's in West Side Story, but man, they had some good food. Check out this article and learn about the heritage, history, and culinary traditions of the island of Puerto Rico.

The Cuisine of Mexico
Who doesn't like Mexican food? This article details a little of the history of Mexican cuisine as well as some varieties, including coastal and southern Mexican foods.

The Food of College
Yes, Ramen noodles and heavily processed macaronic and cheese do have a place in the world cuisine smorgasbord. Millions of students chow down on this garbage nightly.

Cooking up a Mess of Soul Food
Fried chicken, cornbread, some boiled greens, and banana pudding to cap it off--a typical soul food meal. Though you'll rarely find traditional soul food recipes on a health oriented site, we're not going to shortchange you here at H & B.

Tropical Food of Cuba
The cuisine of Cuba is unrivaled for its island tropical delights and diversity of sweet and hot flavors.

The Health Benefits of Japanese Cuisine
The fresh seafood and plethora of vegetables that make up the heart of Japanese cuisine are excellent for your body. Even steamed white rice, which is not the devil it's made out to be, can be good for you.

Hunan Chinese Cooking
Hunan style cooking is a close neighbor of Szechwan, and in many restaraunts they are lumped together as mere Western Chinese style cuisine. Hunan cooking is spicy like Szechwan but boasts a much broader range of ingredients.

Chinese Cuisine: Szechwan
Kung Pao chicken, Double Cooked Spicy Pork, these both hail from the Szechwan camp of Chinese cuisine. Szechwan puts the bite behind the bark, and what a bite it is.

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