Jerry Lee Lewis: Trouble in Mind

If you’re a Jerry Lee Lewis fan, I stumbled onto a fantastic documentary about him on Amazon Prime Friday night. Watching that film jacked me up so much I was ready to hop in the car and find myself a roadhouse and a boogie woogie babe. Alas, at my age, night time driving’s a thing of the past, so I brought myself down from all the excitement of watching Jerry Lee work his magic by finishing off the stale cinnamon roll from breakfast that I was saving for the morning. 

Most documentaries I’ve seen about musicians spend more time detailing life history and less time showing actual performances. Not this one. Man, watching it was like revisiting the whole canon of The Killer’s greatest hits.

Well, I’m getting wired up again, so I best provide the link and then take a cold shower before thinking about roadhouses and boogie woogie women. Shouldn’t be indulging such thoughts on a Sunday morning, especially in my 76th year. Given his religious upbringing Jerry Lee would probably agree with that, at least in principle, though I suspect if he were here with me he’d say, “The hell with Sunday and all those years. Let’s go, Killer. Let’s party!”

For one hour and thirteen minutes of tantalizing viewing and listening, surf over to