The perfect all-American teenager…is a serial killer.

Handsome football star Billy Halo has it all – athletic talents, good looks, and a bright future. Until a chance Mardi Gras sighting of the stunning Gina Gardner, wife of the new English teacher, awakens something dark and hungry within him. Suddenly, Billy’s all-consuming obsession with Gina triggers a terrifying double life.

As the academic year begins, the violent acts he commits in pursuit of his desires unlock a sinister new strength…and a taste for butchery he cannot satiate.

What appears as a series of bizarre pranks and accidents is actually a handsome, smiling murderer’s calculated rampage to earn the love of his unholy obsession – by any means necessary. As the body count rises, suspense builds along with Billy’s savagery.

From shadowy makeout spots in New Orleans’ haunted city parks to the very halls of the elite private school, no one is safe from the sociopath’s energizing bloodlust. Not insignificant pranks, but heinous massacres played out in stomach-churning detail.

Will Gina realize the truth before she joins Billy’s growing list of victims? Or will she be forced to endure an unthinkable final confrontation in the depths of a moss-shrouded lagoon to escape demonic passion of this seemingly perfect young man?

A deliciously depraved Southern Gothic horror thriller, Halo takes you deep into the mind of an unforgettable American psycho. Fans of disturbing slasher suspense will savor every razor-edged page of this heart-stopping ride into sheer evil.

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