Cordova’s Girl

During one week of a sweltering summer in New Orleans…

A former Chicago homicide detective decides to vacation in the Big Easy, where he meets a divorced and cynical MD who has a seven-year old son, a prodigy.

A Manson-like family led by an ambitious and beautiful young woman kidnaps young boys for a brilliant master criminal who sells the children to a Mexican cartel leader.

During the course of seven days, you’ll find yourself pulling for the detective and doctor as they – along with a fortune teller from Royal Street and a rich VietNam vet – do what has to be done to save the MD’s kidnapped son.

From the wicked imagination of paperback writer Chet Day comes a story inhabited with characters so interesting, so good, and so awful that it’s quite possible you’ll have to finish this novel in a single long sitting.

Not since Red Dragon has a thriller engaged readers so intensely.

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