The Hacker

Where Digital Nightmares Come Alive

Step into a world where the early internet’s dark corners harbor real demons. The Hacker, the Prometheus Award-nominated novel by acclaimed author Chet Day, bridges the gap between 1988’s primitive online landscape and today’s social media chaos, offering a prescient glimpse into the dangers lurking in the digital shadows.

In this gripping techno-thriller, an elite hacker board called The Surgery becomes the battleground between human ingenuity and supernatural terror. Meet an unforgettable cast of characters:

Chief Cutter: Sysop of The Surgery BBS and shy college student

Master Wu: a teenage Japanese prodigy who lives with her Zen master Grandfather

Tunnel Rat: a traumatized Vietnam Vet with no equal when it comes to breaking encryption

Nelly Dean: an older woman who is part of a top-secret research team working on a brain/computer interface code named The Zeus Connector

Meat Grinder: a relatively new member of the BBS

Genghis Khan: a teenager active on The Surgery, defined not by his paraplegia but by his inner strength.

As these characters navigate a treacherous online world of revenge plots, artificial intelligence, and religious fanaticism, readers will find themselves on the edge of their seats, unable to stop scrolling through the pages.

Chet Day, renowned for his horror writing, seamlessly blends his expertise in spine-chilling narratives with a deep understanding of early internet culture. This unique combination earned The Hacker a coveted Prometheus Award nomination in 1990, alongside literary giants like Robert Heinlein and Joe Haldeman.

Originally published in the late 1980’s, this prophetic novel has been updated for the modern reader, making its themes of online anonymity, digital addiction, and the thin line between virtual and reality more relevant than ever.

Readers rave about The Hacker:

A deliciously schlocky tale that’ll keep you up all night!
– Original reviewer

I’ve re-read my copy so many times I had to buy another to replace it!
– Long-time fan

Outdated, antiquated book about the early days of the home computer and I loved every moment of it. First I have to say for a horror novel, there was not a lot of bloodshed. The good point is that this book builds at a nice steady pace. It always makes you want to know more. What’s going to happen next. There really was no wasted space in this.

Don’t miss out on this classic that continues to captivate readers across generations. Whether you’re a technophile nostalgic for the days of dial-up modems or a thriller enthusiast seeking your next digital-age nightmare, The Hacker promises to deliver.

Now available on Kindle, you can start your journey into this dark online world with just one click.

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